Have you ever thrown a party you really wanted to be special? You got great food,

cookie party tower

fun entertainment, you even made a playlist for everyone to enjoy. Everything went great, but at the end, you looked at the's still there! Most of it, anyway.

Isn't that the worst? When you go to the effort to make something special, but it's not enjoyed by the people you got it for. 

It happens for our own parties, but it's even disappointing when it happens with something we contribute to someone else's party. Ever brought a bag of chips or cupcakes to a party, and no one actually ate them?

We're here to end this problem for you, once and for all.

Faith's Cookies always disappear. That's how we got started. The cookies were gone by the end of every party she brought cookies to.

wrapped cookies for party

People take 1. Then they take 2, 3, becomes a topic at the party. "Wow those cookies are so good!"

If you want to delight your guests and make your party a memory, make sure Faith's Cookies are the dessert!

Email or reach out via the form below so we can get you the exact cookie combo to make your party special. We'd love to bake for you, and we'd love to help you take your hospitality to the next level!

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"We were SO blessed to go with Faith’s cookies for our daughter’s wedding. Faith was extremely kind and easy to work with, and her cookies are amazing! Everyone loved them! She constantly communicated with me to ensure everything was perfect and set the cookies up for us the day of the wedding. I would definitely have her cookies again for other occasions, and highly recommend her."- Niki L., Happy Customer