Exceptional cookies for exceptional hosts

S'mores Cookies will have you feeling like gathering around a fire pit this summer!

This cookie is Faith's Classic Chocolate Chip mixed with crunchy Biscoff and filled with a gooey Marshmallow Cream center.

Now available - serve them at your next gathering!

You want to bless your guests, but ordinary desserts will leave them bored and disappointed!

Are you hosting a fundraiser, conference, or home or office party and want to make your guests feel like you rolled out the red carpet for them?

Do you want them to them to be excited to show up, and keep coming back for more?

Then bless your guests! They'll never forget the way these cookies warmed their hearts and delighted their taste buds!

  • "We use Faith’s Cookies as client gifts and they are always a big hit! The snickerdoodles and chocolate chip cookies are classic favorites, but you can’t go wrong with any flavor. I love using this family-owned company for business gifts and for friends and family (and myself)!"-Jessica L., Happy Customer

  • "Went to the farmer’s market today and tried a chocolate chip cookie. One of the best I’ve ever had! Fluffy and just enough chocolate."-Amanda V., Happy Customer

  • "I got a dozen of the chocolate chip and ate 3 on the way home. Some of the softest, most delicious cookies I’ve ever had! Plus Faith is a joy and delight to do business with! 11/10 recommend!"

    -Jenny G., Happy Customer

Forget forgettable, give them remarkably delicious cookies!

Have your guests raving about the cookies you provided

Make sure your gathering is unforgettable, down to the last detail!

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  • High quality ingredients mixed, baked, and cooled just right, every time

  • Guaranteed to delight (we'll be shocked if there are any left over), or your money back!

Hi I'm Faith, and I know the shame of sharing mediocre desserts!

I'd be going to a party and I'd pick up a pie or even cookies from the store, but they'd still be sitting there at the party hours later. It drove me nuts! And honestly I'd be a little embarrassed. Then I decided to start bringing my own cookies I'd been perfecting for years. The cookies would be gone before the party had really gotten started!

People raved about them when I gave them a box to say thank you or comfort them in a tough time. The company I worked for even bought them for their clients because they kept coming back for meetings just for the cookies!

Now I want to help you be the best host for your guests with these unforgettably soft, delicious cookies :)

  • "The cookies were a hit! I'll be ordering from Faith again when I need cookies! I only got to eat one and then they were gone!"- Elaine E., Happy Customer

Become the ultimate host in 3 simple steps:

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3. Let the cookies do the rest!

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  • "The cookies were a hit! I'll be ordering from Faith again when I need cookies! I only got to eat one and then they were gone!"

    - Elaine E., Happy Customer

  • "(preface: cookies are my favorite dessert so I am very particular about my cookies.) My fiancé & I first tried Faiths cookies at a holiday party, having no idea she did this for a living. We looked at each other & said 'these are the best cookies I've ever tasted.'

    After finding out Faith is no rookie to cookies, we asked her to make cookies for our dessert at our wedding shower. We ordered well over the attendance & there was not a crumb left. The number one question after the shower was 'where are those cookies from?' We plan on having her cookies at our wedding as well!"

    -Kaylee C.

    My favorite: snickerdoodle

  • "The People - Faith and Her Husband (sorry my man never got your name) are excellent people and clearly know what they're doing when it comes to making a cookie.

    The Cookie - I have spent many months looking for the best chocolate chip cookie especially in the Dallas Area. In my first bite - I got the perfect ratio of crispy to chewy. Sweet with the tinge of salty that we all look for. If you're looking for that feeling when your grandmother/mother made fresh cookies in the midst of fall right as you're entering winter Faith's Cookies deliver's just that.

    If you haven't already give them a try!"

    -Ameer K., Happy Customer

  • "We were SO blessed to go with Faith’s cookies for our daughter’s wedding. Faith was extremely kind and easy to work with, and her cookies are amazing! Everyone loved them! She constantly communicated with me to ensure everything was perfect and set the cookies up for us the day of the wedding. I would definitely have her cookies again for other occasions, and highly recommend her."

    - Niki L., Happy Customer