wedding cookie tower

Your wedding. The day you've been dreaming about. A day you want you and your guests to remember, well, forever! To create that memory, everything has to be right - from the tables cloths to the music to...the dessert

Yes, a big, beautiful wedding cake is lovely. But a gorgeous cake doesn't always blow your guest's minds when they bite in. Don't let your spectacular wedding fall flat because the meal wasn't finished off with a stand-out dessert.

After (or instead of!) the typical wedding cake, give your guests something that will WOW them. A soft, delicious cookie that will melt in the mouth, exploding with flavor - that's a statement that will go perfect with all the rest of the wonderful time they're having. 

We'd love to be a part of your wedding. We love marriage, and we love to deeply honor the day you pledge your lifelong love to your partner.

Whether that's with a big batch of good ole' chocolate chip, an assortment of cookies, or a special flavor to fit your theme, we'd love to connect with you to create a cookie strategy that makes your special day stand out even more.

We can do individually wrapped cookies, as a favor or part of the main course. Stickers on the packaging make it stand out even more. And we'd be happy to arrange a lovely cookie tower for you.

Email us at or reach out via the form below so we can plan how you can use cookies to help make your wedding a day you and your guests will never forget!

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"We were SO blessed to go with Faith’s cookies for our daughter’s wedding. Faith was extremely kind and easy to work with, and her cookies are amazing! Everyone loved them! She constantly communicated with me to ensure everything was perfect and set the cookies up for us the day of the wedding. I would definitely have her cookies again for other occasions, and highly recommend her."- Niki L., Happy Customer