Client Cookie Gifts for Financial Advisers

This all began when the financial firm Faith worked for asked her to bake cookies for their clients every week - they noticed that when they had store-bought cookies, the clients ate few or none. But when Faith brought cookies in...the cookies were gone. 

Do you want to be remembered by your clients and prospects?

Anyone can go to the grocery store and grab a dozen bland, unremarkable desserts. Sure, your clients will appreciate it, but are they really going to feel cared for by something so basic? 

When you want to welcome a prospect into your office and make them see that you are different, when you want to so "Thank you" to a client in a way that makes them want to keep coming back to you, to look forward to talking about their financial plan or their insurance coverage, everything about the experience you give has to be memorable.

You know the facts. You walk them through the plan with perfect clarity. Make sure every touch blows their mind. Give them cookies that will make them say "WOW!" "This person has great taste!". 

Email or reach out via the form below, and we'll make sure the cookies are in your office Monday morning or at your new clients doorstep Friday afternoon, so you always give a touch of excellence that your clients can TASTE!

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"We were SO blessed to go with Faith’s cookies for our daughter’s wedding. Faith was extremely kind and easy to work with, and her cookies are amazing! Everyone loved them! She constantly communicated with me to ensure everything was perfect and set the cookies up for us the day of the wedding. I would definitely have her cookies again for other occasions, and highly recommend her."- Niki L., Happy Customer