Tenant Cookies for Property Managers

Do you want loyal tenants? To increase your renewal rate when leases expire?

Then treat them right, with treats that delight them!

Make your office building feel like home. A place they want to be, and a place they want their businesses to be.

We'd love to help you make your building feel like home to your tenants. We work with property managers in DFW to make their tenants feel special. Like their property manager cares about them and their business. With lease renewal rates at only 50-60%, you have to do everything you can to make your building the place your tenants want to be.

There are so many ways to bless your tenants with cookies. Faith's Cookies can help them feel like they belong with:

  • Weekly Cookie Days
  • Birthday Treats
  • Tenant Anniversary Parties

And we'd love to create a custom package for your creative approach to caring for your tenants.

Email info@orderfaithscookies.com or reach out via the form below, and together we'll create a plan to transform your offices from a building people work at to an extension of home they love to come to!

Tell us more:

"We were SO blessed to go with Faith’s cookies for our daughter’s wedding. Faith was extremely kind and easy to work with, and her cookies are amazing! Everyone loved them! She constantly communicated with me to ensure everything was perfect and set the cookies up for us the day of the wedding. I would definitely have her cookies again for other occasions, and highly recommend her."- Niki L., Happy Customer