Matcha White Chocolate Available Now - Don't forget to thank your teachers!

Matcha White Chocolate Available Now - Don't forget to thank your teachers!

A few big updates and reminders this week:

Flavor of the Month

Matcha White Chocolate is here! We chose to try a different style this month with this green-tea flavored treat. It’s already gotten a strong stamp of approval from some of our customers, so we think it’s worth a shot! Plus green tea has many supposed health benefits, such as being rich with antioxidants, promoting better brain function, and it’s even reported to have a fat-burning effect (I guess I’ll be eating a bunch).


Teacher and Nurse Appreciation Week is next week!

A great way to use your new discount is to say thank you to the teachers and nurses in your life. Faith and I’s moms were both teachers at one point. They both have many stories to share about the tremendous challenges teachers face every day, but also the incredible victories they have in educating our children.

And nurses…don’t even get me started on how incredible they are! When our baby was born in November, the nursing staff at Medical City Dallas blew our mind. They were so capable and compassionate, we’re forever grateful for their excellence as we were welcoming our daughter into the world. 

Nurses and Teachers are so important to our community and country. We’ve already been blessed to get to send out orders to say thank you to each. Please reach out to us so we can bless the nurses and teachers in your lives!

Other fun:

Frisco Fresh Market - Streats Festival - “Join us for an unforgettable day filled with tantalizing aromas, mouthwatering flavors, and vibrant street culture. Sample a diverse array of delectable dishes from local food trucks, pop-up stalls, and artisanal vendors.”

Spin Coffee and Vinyl - If you’re in the North Dallas area, Spin is a sweet record ship with tasty coffee and cookies and a relaxing lounge area to hang out and enjoy the vibes and brews. 

Nasher Sculpture Center - Free entry for first Saturday!

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